Tommy Newberry's 40 Joy-Producing ThoughtsEach moment is a new beginning. Your future is not defined by your past. Your thoughts can change, and consequently, your future life can become totally different.

Life is too to be negative! As long as you  have a choice, why not exercise your free will and choose the higher thoughts? Review these forty thoughts and see if you agree with me!

1. I expect the best, and it shows!

2. I trust God; my faith is strong.

3. I am responsible.

4. I take deliberate action to reach my goals.

5. I now accept the best that life has to offer.

6. I am a new creature through Christ!

7. My metabolism works effectively.

8. I stay lean even as I age.

9. I believe in the most perfect outcome of every challenge in my life.

10. I’ll figure out how to earn it.

11. I am healthy and strong.

12. I have boundless energy!

13. I surround myself with winners.

14. I experience abundance now and forever.

15. God has great plans for me!

16. I am grateful for my unshakeable faith.

17. Everything I need, I already have.

18. My brain works perfectly. (Read More: 8 Things All Mentally Strong People Do)

19.With God, my future keeps getting better.

20. My memory is crisp and vivid.

21. I change what I need to change.

22. I let go and let God.

23. I’m making progress.

24. I control my thoughts.

25. I am transformed by the renewing of my mind.

26. I pray for others.

27. With Christ, I am unstoppable.

28. I can improve this situation.

29. I ask, and I receive.

30. I learn Scripture easily

31. I am supercharged with joy.

32. I am ready for a breakthrough.

33. Day by day my marriage is growing stronger.

34. I act consistently with my faith.

35. I am bold.

36. I am lovable. (Read More: 3 Habits of a Joy-Filled Heart)

37. I think about what is good, just and gracious.

38. I am learning a lot through this experience.

39. My lifestyle supports my unshakeable faith.

40. I surrender myself and my future to God, and I trust him.

Do you want a future that is better than your present? I believe God has awesome plans for you. I may not know you personally yet, but I believe God wants to do exciting things through all of His children, and that includes you! Make the choice—embrace joy!


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