Got Gratitude?

When we experience a sense of gratitude, it means we have been entertaining thoughts of appreciation for the abundance in our life. When we feel a sense of deficiency, it does not necessarily mean that our life stinks or even that we are lacking something important. What it does mean is that we have recently been thinking about what is absent, very likely to the exclusion of what is present.

We might have been thinking about our spouse’s annoying quirks and overlooking all the reasons we elected to marry him or her in the first place. We might have been thinking about financial pressures but forgetting we have just about everything money can’t buy.

Gratitude is a conviction, a practice, and a discipline. It’s an essential nutrient, a kind of spiritual anti-oxidant that protects our faith and joy and for all practical effect, our emotional health. Gratitude involves shifting our mental energy and attention toward what is present and working rather than toward what’s absent and ineffective.

Gratitude is like a mental gearshift that takes you from turbulence to peacefulness, from stagnation to creativity. Gratitude brings us back to the present moment, to all that is working well in our life right now. Gratitude is the cornerstone of an unstoppable 4:8 mindset. And gratitude can be cultivated and then experienced at ever-deepening levels.

This week is an opportunity for a real Thanksgiving Binge – No, I am not referring to a holiday stuffing. I am talking about building rapid momentum toward an exceptionally grateful lifestyle, a way of living that automatically aligns your thoughts with the 4:8 Principle and protects your heart from the forces of negativity.

Click Here for a free worksheet to get into the Thanksgiving Spirit and practice appreciation and gratitude for your blessings.

You are going to draw more joy out of your business, out of your marriage, out of your family life, and out of all the other aspects of your existence when you make a commitment to become a genuinely grateful person.

The power of gratitude is undeniably immense.

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