3 Simple Ways To Get Hyper-Focused

Coach’s Notes:

Focus On Focus

I’m going to give you a simple process for staying focused better than ever before.

Focus is essential to success.

Focus = Success.

What is failure? Why does failure occur?

I believe failure occurs due to a lack of focus.

Or a diffusion of effort. Meaning you’ve spread your attention across too many things.

One thing I’ve observed in three decades of coaching, is those born with “A talent” or “A+ talent” have a tendency to take on too many different things and spread themselves thin.

This often leads to “A talent” producing “B results.”

It’s important to remember…

You can’t be all things to all people.

You can’t say “yes” too often.

You can’t have too many things on your plate.

You need to decide you’re going to focus on the few things that make a big difference.

3 ways to get Into state of hyper-focus

  1. Review your top 5 goals every morning
  2. Debrief every evening
  3. Ask “what’s important now?” (W.I.N.)

Number 1: Review your top 5 goals every morning.

Before you can review your top 5 goals daily… you’ve got to know your top 5 goals.

You would be surprised at how many people who are very successful are still winging it.

They are scattered and their frustration is that they’re never finished with things.

They kinda have goals and direction but they do not have CLEAR, SPECIFIC goals.

I want you to have 5 Goals. I have worked with 1000’s of individuals over the last 30 years and 5 goals is really the sweet spot for the ideal number of goals.

“Five F’s”






So once you have your top 5 goals determined (and written down), I want you to get up every morning and review them first thing.

Look at them.

Ponder them.

Ask, “What could I do today to get closer to them?”

Rewrite them.

When you rewrite your goals first thing in the morning, an amazing thing happens… your vision changes for the rest of the day and you become more aware of the opportunities around you.

Pray about your goals.

Brainstorm about them. “What are 21 things I could do to help me reach this goal?”

Visualize. Imagine how great it would be if your goal was already accomplished. What does it look like the moment your goal is achieved.

Get the feeling. Internalize what that would be like.

Practice advanced gratitude.  Practice being grateful and thankful in advance of actually having reached your goal.

Number 2: Daily Debrief

This is a quick assessment for the purpose of rapid feedback.

If I’m coaching you, I don’t want you to go half a year without correcting a poor strategy.

I want you to evaluate daily whether or not what you are doing is working or not working.

3 Steps:

1. Ask, “What went well?” (What worked?)

2. Ask, “What didn’t go so well?” (What didn’t work?)

3. Determine the top 3 priorities for the next day

The answers to these should be written down.

“Prioritization proceeds focus”

Number 3: Ask, “What’s Important Now?”

This step is so simple I’m almost embarrassed to tell you about it.

I have found most people skip it because it is so simple, but if you use it, it will change how your days look.

Ask, “What’s Important Now?” (W.I.N.)

Ask it all day long. Ask it several times an hour.

The longer version of this is “whats the most valuable use of my time right now?”

Push for the true answer. The answer that is in alignment with your top 5 goals.

If you’re not in the habit of doing this already, you will likely respond with a default answer or a superficial answer. But this is often not the true answer.

The more you ask yourself “Whats important now?”, the better you will get at answering this question with the true answer.

Discipline yourself to stop doing what you are currently doing and start doing what is truly the most valuable use of your time.  (If your not already doing it)

Covey Quadrants

The “Covey Quadrants” are a great thought stimulator to keep in mind when you are asking yourself “What’s important now?”

In the top left quadrant is urgent and important. These are things you have to do, but this is not where you want to operate most of your time.

If a task is urgent and important now, most likely it was important but not urgent but you postponed it.

Try to avoid spending too much time in Quadrant I because it forces your hand and makes you a servant to what is urgent.

Try to spend most of your time in Quadrant II which is in the top right corner. These are the important, non-urgent tasks.

These tasks produce a ”pay-day” down the road. When you spend most of your time in this quadrant, you are in control.

Quadrant III tasks are distractions. These could be other people’s urgent stuff (distractions).

Another type of activity that falls into Quadrant III are things that you pretend are important because they are easy to do or delay having to do what is truly important.

Asking “What’s important now?” will help you avoid Quadrant III tasks.

Quadrant IV (bottom right) activities include things which do nothing to move you in the direction of your goals. Try to avoid this Quadrant at all cost.


The key to success is focus.

The key to failure is lack of focus. (or diffusion of effort)

Make sure you have you top 5 goals and review them every morning.

Debrief daily.

Constantly and repeatedly, at home and work, ask “What’s important now?”

Remember, Your Success Blesses Others!

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