FireworksAs the new year approaches, take a deep breath and thank God that you have a fresh start, another brand new opportunity to use your talents in an exciting, purposeful and meaningful way. But, are you ready for this new beginning?

Like your favorite grocery store, 2017 will be jam-packed with many things you want and need along with many things you don’t want and really do not need. You will notice that these opposing items are frequently displayed right next to each other awaiting your selection.

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When you head to the supermarket with a shopping list, you increase the chances that you walk out the door with what you want and need. This is common sense, right? If you skip the list, you will probably checkout with some of the things you wanted to buy along with a few extras that you don’t really need.

No big deal, right? However, when you get home and unpack the bags, you or a close family member is likely to point out something that was forgotten. (Maybe the TP) This is what commonly happens when you try to keep a list in your head in a world full of distractions and temptations.

blg1Grocery stores promote the products they most want to sell. There is nothing wrong with this. These special items will either be on sale or placed in a spot where you can’t miss them or both. Just guessing, but it seems these promotional items are designed for the majority of shoppers who do not bother to use a grocery list.

I don’t know the exact percentage, but it seems like most people I observe in the grocery store are simply wandering around, simultaneously intrigued and overwhelmed with all the choices at their fingertips.

As you move through 2017, it will be easy to become overwhelmed with all the attractive options on display in the world around you. You will be influenced by the different options vying for your attention. You are going to be exposed to the heavily promoted values, beliefs, and agendas that the culture offers you and wants you to buy (or buy into). You will also be guided by your goals and priorities for the new year.

Without your own, tailor-made shopping list, you are at great risk of getting distracted and arriving at the end of 2017 and suddenly realizing that you “forgot” some of the wonderful and important things you intended to accomplish and experience.

This happens to millions of smart people every year, most of whom entered the grocery store of life with good intentions but without a clear list of what they really wanted. I do not want this to be your path.

You only get one shot at 2017.

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