Several years ago I wrote a letter to my son, Mason, with the encouragement to study, learn, and promote the principles that have made our nation exceptional. I thought this would be worthy of sharing with you now. The second part of my letter is immediately below. (To read the first part, click here).

We The PeopleMason, the founding principles were inspired from natural or God’s law. For example, the natural law of “Thou Shall Not Steal” translates into the natural right of private property and ownership. The natural law of free will translates into the natural right of individual liberty. The natural law of sowing and reaping translates into the natural right of freedom to acquire through personal initiative.

Clearly Mason, the further we’ve moved away from the Founders’ principles, the bigger the mess we’ve gotten into. Our constitutional system was designed to severely limit the federal government’s power to meddle in the affairs of states and in maters of individual citizens. This priority now stands in stark contrast to our currently bloated and massively inefficient government that continues to grow day by day.

Well aware of the dangers of a cumbersome, oppressive, and centralized government, they wanted power kept as close to the people as possible, meaning with the states, local counties and townships. And to safeguard us against tyranny, which tends to be a gradual or progressive occurrence, the Founders orchestrated the separation of powers. This disperses and balances government authority between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

In order to self-govern, the Founders envisioned a virtuous and self-reliant citizenry. They considered this to be a prerequisite for successful and lasting self-government. Therefore, they promoted Judeo-Christian virtues that included honesty, prudence, courage, personal responsibility, private charity, service, hard work, and thrift.

The Founders also promoted free enterprise, which means individual citizens voluntarily exchange goods and services without governmental interference. The prospect of profit drives innovation, supply, and quality. Prices are determined by competition, not by centralized government planners and regulators.

Because it was essential to free enterprise, the Founders insisted on the sanctity of private property and gave government the task of protecting individual property rights and enforcing contracts. Private property, of course, refers to your land, you home, your car, your money, and any other possessions.

The Founders wanted equal opportunity for Americans, not equal outcomes. It is important to note that equal opportunity does not mean “perfect opportunity.” Every virtuous citizen was meant to have a shot at creating and experiencing their own version of the American Dream. Liberty, the Founders knew, breeds inequality of results.

Just because everyone had a shot at the American Dream didn’t mean everyone would end up with the reality. By the way, remember that every time the government grows in size the price of the American Dream increases. The bigger the government, the smaller the individual. Your generation should be tuned in to this reality.

bibleDig deeper, Mason and do your own research. Become an expert in the history of your country and the divinely-inspired principles that make it unique. You and your generation have been burdened with massive debt and threatened by an eroding moral foundation.

But all is not lost.

The game is not over. By mastering and becoming a passionate advocate for these critical principles, you will help bring about a Constitutional comeback for the nation. You can make a difference. Be part of the solution…and recruit your generation to join you!



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