Tommy Newberry SuperFocusDo you remember when you first learned how to ride a bicycle: the color, the bell, the speed, the pavement? Can you feel again the anticipation?

Your first bicycle was probably quite elementary and may have been equipped with training wheels. How hard could it be to ride it? With wavering confidence, you climbed onto your bike, balancing yourself on the seat with your feet on the pedals. With that initial feeling of panic as you could feel your hands sweating and sliding all over the rubber grips on the handle bar, you were ready to give it a shot.

What happened the first time you stayed on the bicycle for an extended length of time without falling off? The instant surge of confidence and the massive amount of pride you felt from your success affirmed your efforts! You learned how to ride a bicycle. It could have been days, years, or hours—but all of the time spent learning paled in comparison to the victory of defeating fear and enjoying the thrill of freedom and speed. Every time after that, you trusted your body to know what to do and you would hop on your bicycle without fear.

What is the dream that’s in your heart that you want to pursue?

More than anything, you want your story to be one of success. Although no one promises the path will be easy and clear, each decision you make to pursue your unique genius and improve yourself will guide your footsteps. That same joy of success can be yours.

That’s why I created the SuperFocus coaching program—to help you envision, clarify, design, build and enjoy your best future. It’s a whole-life program designed for uniquely ambitious people like you who aspire to excellence across all areas of life. This program is about implementation, execution, and follow through–which makes all the difference in overcoming the barriers to the best you. Join us on May 17, 2016 in Atlanta, GA for SuperFocus! 

Whatever you’re called to do, do it now. Don’t overthink it or leave yourself time to get sidetracked by fear. Your body’s instincts are strong. You have the ability to do it. The number one cause of failure is never trying in the first place. This is your time to lace up your shoes and get back on that bicycle. You have a special place in this world. It’s time to go all in. Trust and launch.

Since 1991, we’ve helped influential business leaders and world-class athletes raise their game to go from bronze to gold in their field. Our clients are leaders that want success at a higher level both personally and professionally.  Of course, there are obstacles and challenges in the way, and we coach our clients to address and overcome each and every one. The hard part is identifying the potential pitfalls and selecting the right strategies in advance.

Would you like strategies to accelerate, manage or sustain your success? Join us for SuperFocus on May 17!

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