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In this weeks episode of AchievingOPTIMAL I want to focus on a fundamental practice that drives your entire thought process.

This fundamental is: Positive Mental Nutrition.

In fact, if you’re not aware of Positive Mental Nutrition (and especially negative mental nutrition) it can really drain you of energy and motivation.

Think about this… to achieve a healthy body you’ve got to have the right quantity and variety of nutrient dense foods. You’ve got to drink the right amount of water, workout, sleep, and take the right supplements.

If you wanted to be healthy, you wouldn’t skip sleep, stop working out, eat unhealthy, greasy and sugary foods.

Let’s say you wanted to lose weight… you would decide in advance: here are the foods I’m going to eat, and here are the foods I’m not going to eat, 

That’s your physical diet. Maybe low carb, or low fat? Who knows?

Whatever diet you choose, you are deciding in advance what you’re going to consume and what you’re not going to consume .

Now for your mindset… how do you develop a positive mindset?

You consume Positive Mental Nutrition.

To upgrade your mindset, decide in advance what you’re going to feed yourself mentally.

One of the things I’ve found working with clients over the years is that they’ve got to stock their fridge and pantry with healthy food and drink choices if they want to reach their goal of becoming physically fit.

If they are really committed to being healthy and fit, and they are clear on what they should eat and shouldn’t eat, but their fridge and pantry are stocked with unhealthy options, that creates a much higher likelihood of failure. Keeping unhealthy food at home moves them away from their goal and often triumphs because it forces an extra degree of discipline to stick with their diet when you are in the presence of junk food.

The same exact thing is true with your mental diet.

The key is to prep your environment.

Think of this as your “mental fridge” or “mental pantry.”

Only keep things that make you healthier and more joyful around in your surroundings.

“A healthy mind produces joy like a healthy body produces energy”

If you don’t have joy, that should tell you that something is not right. Joy is your natural state.

A lack of joy can almost always can be traced back to negative mental nutrition. Allowing junk in your mind shifts your focus to what’s missing or deficient or broken.

If you’re low on energy, it’s likely because you’re not eating or drinking the right things.

There’s a very interesting parallel between healthy physical nutrition and Positive Mental Nutrition.

Feeding yourself mentally with highly nutritiousness thoughts, images and ideas is pretty simple.

It’s easy to do that if you are intentional.

If you will just commit to 15 minutes a day of making sure that you consume Positive Mental Nutrition, it can transform your mindset.

If you transform your mindset, you transform your habits.

If you transform your habits, then you start to get better results.

The 15 Minute Miracle

I often call this the 15 minutes miracle.

Let’s do some math.

15 minutes every day for a week ends up being 1 hour and 45 minutes.

So what if you took 15 min each day to fill your mind with something inspiring, motivational, educational, or informative.

You could swap out 15 minutes of watching random TV episode or scrolling through social media.

Or just wake up an extra 15 minutes early to create this opportunity time.

15 minutes a day is….

1 hour 45 minutes a week

7 and a half hours a month

22 and a half hours a quarter

90 hours a year… that’s two 45 hour work weeks.

This could transform your life.

Why 15 minutes?

I wanted to show you how just a little bit every day can make a huge difference.

Imagine if you did an hour a day.

It would come out to 15, 24-hour days. Or 46, 8-hour days.

That is like a month and a half of work.

We know that it is very important to guard your heart, which means to guard your mind, because whatever goes in, comes out.

If it comes out, it was at some point put in.

That is why it is important to not let things into your system that move you way from the person that you’re capable of becoming.

It’s really important to be strategic about what you allow into your mind.

Often the reason that you’re not feeling 1000%, that you’re not as ambitious or motivated as you would like to be, or excited about the future, is because you’re feeding yourself the wrong mental diet.

You are a sponge.

We are constantly soaking up everything around us.

Everything counts.

You don’t have to be obsessive… but maybe that wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Pay attention to the things that you read, watch, and listen to. And this includes surfing the Internet, conversing with other people, etc…All of this shapes and molds your mindset which means it shapes and molds your outlook on life, the habits and activities you engage in, and ultimately the results that you generate.

My challenge to you…

Chose a time during the day to take 15 minutes to make sure you are consuming Positive Mental Nutrition.

Two good options:

The first 15 minutes in the morning or the last 15 minutes before bed.

During this 15 minute stretch, inspire yourself.

Read the Bible.

Read an inspirational book.

Read something that will elevate your relationships.

Read something that will allow you to serve others better.

Other opportunities…

In the car or train while you are commuting.

While you are exercising.

While doing chores or cleaning up around the house.

While you are showering.

Anytime you are doing a mindless task, try listening to an audiobook or podcast.

Instead of letting your mind roam free, try loading it with Positive Mental Nutrition.

Know where you are.

It’s really easy to think you’re doing well in this area, when maybe you’re not.

Be excellent in this area.

Be sure that you are strong and consistent with you mental diet.

Know what you’re consuming.

In light of your goals, are you consuming the right quality and quantity of Positive Mental Nutrition?

If you’re not, let’s make some adjustments.

What do you listen to first thing in the morning? What do you see? What do you read? What are you absorbing mentally first thing in after awakening?

Same thing for the evening.

Right before bed, what do you tend to be thinking about? Or consuming?

It is so easy today to fill ourselves with good and bad. Choose good.

Ask yourself:

In light of my goals… what should I read more, what should I listen to more, what should I watch more?

In light of my goals… what should I stop reading, stop listening to, or stop watching?


Positive Mental Nutrition: Deliberate productive inputs, what you read, watch and listen to on a consistent basis.

Everything counts. What you consume either directly or indirectly influences every decision you make.

It is important that your reach your full potential because…

Your Success Blesses Others!

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