Good In – Good Out!

Thoughts have consequences. We plant thoughts, and we reap a mindset. Then, our mindset governs the direction our life takes. Without careful attention, our thought life (and by extension our entire life) can be adversely influenced by the random ideas, words, images and opinions that we allow to enter our mind.

In this week’s AchievingOPTIMAL podcast, we discuss optimizing your thought life by becoming intentional with your daily exposures and inputs.

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Mind, Body & Spirit with Coach Fink

When it comes to our wellness, everything works together. Our Creator designed us to be healthy, vibrant and full of life. Through our habitual choices, though, we often sabotage this intended natural state. Our energy and vitality depends on being spiritually, emotionally, and physically fit.

In this week’s AchievingOPTIMAL podcast, Darren and I discuss how unresolved negative emotions can manifest into physical ailments, and how we can prevent this from happening.

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It’s Not What Happens To You…

Eventually and inevitably, we come face to face with some type of significant difficulty. There’s really no way to avoid it. Although what happens to us may be out of our control, how we respond is not.

Training and preparing yourself to deal effectively and gracefully with the struggles life throws your way is a critical success skill. In this week’s AcheivingOPTIMAL podcast, I share strategies for making the best out of tough times.

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Get Moving For OPTIMAL Health!

We, of course, have one body and one life. Therefore, it’s critical that we become excellent stewards of our health and wellness. Without sufficient energy and vitality, virtuous intentions go unfulfilled. We are designed to be active, and the less active we are, the more physical trouble we face.

In this week’s AchievingOPTIMAL podcast, I continue my series with wellness coach Darren Fink concentrating in this episode on how to integrate more activity and movement into your daily routine.

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Joe Dillon’s High Energy Shake Recipe

With boundless energy, we have the potential to continuously improve and upgrade our lives. With insufficient energy, good intentions go unfulfilled.

There are two main drags on our energy. The first is negative emotions. The second is negative nutrition. Neglecting to optimize either will compromise what you are able to accomplish both personally and in your career.

In this week’s AchievingOPTIMAL podcast, I continue my series with fitness legend Joe Dillon, concentrating in this episode on how to boost your energy with a super clean and time-tested shake recipe.

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Your Success Chain – Part 2

We all have enormous room for improvement. Who we become and what we achieve are virtually predictable because they follow the principle of cause and effect. In this week’s AchievingOPTIMAL podcast, I continue with my lesson on the seven essential factors that bring about the major outcomes in your life and how to leverage each of these factors to create your optimal life!

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Accountability & Coaching

Human nature can cause all sorts of havoc in our finances, health, and relationships if we are not aware of it and intentionally counteract act it. And the best way to override our “lower self” is to invite accountability. But this is hardly comfortable and consequently very few folks tap into this success accelerator.

In this week’s AchievingOPTIMAL podcast, I discuss the power of using accountability to help you reach the right goals faster.

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How is Your Success Blessing Others?

Success is about fulfilling your God-given potential in service to others. Specifically, this means as an individual, in your marriage and family, and in your career. Your expression of excellence matters. Success is a multiplier. When you contribute to and add value to other people’s lives, they, in turn, add value to your life.

In this week’s AchievingOPTIMAL podcast, we explore the blessing of success and why this truth should motivate you at the highest level.

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