MARRIAGE IS GOOD and bad. This is not breaking news! Every husband and every wife are imperfect, both gifted and flawed in numerous, often unpredictable ways. Consequently, nowhere is the apostle Paul’s advice from Philippians 4:8 more valuable, more practical, or...

How Do You Talk To Yourself?

Show Notes: I want to tell you the truth about positive self-talk and show you how to get started with it. What is self-talk? Self-talk is the inner dialogue that runs all the time, that inner voice, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. We all talk to ourselves. I...

Are You On The Right Mental Diet?

  Show Notes: In this weeks episode of AchievingOPTIMAL I want to focus on a fundamental practice that drives your entire thought process. This fundamental is: Positive Mental Nutrition. In fact, if you’re not aware of Positive Mental Nutrition (and...

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