Weekly Planning

 A GREAT life is, more than anything else, an accumulation of GREAT weeks. We can all have an off day now and then, and we shouldn't worry too much about it. But if we have an off...

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Get Back To The Basics

I’ve observed throughout my life that when individuals stray from timeless principles, trouble and adversity of some kind are never far behind. You can observe this for yourself with children and adults alike.  There are unwavering principles that govern each area of our lives as well as principles that govern our lives as a whole. When we attempt to bend, stretch, or otherwise pervert these principles, we set ourselves up for pain and regret in the long run.  The most successful individuals...

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WARNING: You Control The Spotlight!

Based on Philippians 4:8 in the New Testament, the 4:8 Principle states that wherever you focus your attention becomes a bigger part of your experience. This means that the content of your thought life influences your emotional life. The preceding sentence is an understatement. Your devotions most definitely produce your emotions. Consider what happens in a theater or stadium when a spotlight is turned on. Your awareness shifts to the object underneath the light. As you give attention to the...

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National 4:8 Day

We are not limited to thinking in only one way. We have the freedom to choose from an infinite number of potential thoughts. Because our thinking is not fixed, it can constantly be improved when we make the commitment to do so. Remember, each moment is a new beginning. Your future is not defined by your past. Your thoughts can change, and consequently, your future life can become totally different. Watch out. It is easy to get consumed with the obstacles and forget about the goals. It is so...

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Why Would You Want To Do That?

When my son Ty was eight years old, he broke his right arm after his first football practice. He had been so excited after his first day of real contact that even before we got into the car to head home, he insisted on showing me, in slow motion, how he had learned to tackle. Unfortunately, he lost his balance and fell backward on his right arm, creating a buckle fracture just above his wrist. According to his doctor, Ty would have to be in a cast for at least six weeks to give the bone time...

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Your Success Blesses Others

God created a world where one person’s success benefits the people around that person. In fact, our success creates ripples that spread out in circles far beyond us. Like pebbles dropped into a pond, those ripples intersect across communities, cultures, and even generations. God desires all His children be blessed, and He created an economic dynamic based upon our mutual support for one another. By His design, your success blesses others. True success creates a cascade of abundance not only in...

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Real Focus

Goals tell your brain what to notice and pay attention to as you go about your day to day activities.  In the absence of clear goals, you will simply notice too many different and unrelated things, rather than the few essential things that move you toward your goal. This approach disperses your attention and prevents the focus that is needed to optimize your life.  Successful people figure this out prior to becoming successful and make necessary adjustments. They stop looking in every...

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Do Your Job

With Sunday's Super Bowl just a couple of days behind us, it’s a good time to contemplate the importance of merit as an essential principle for a healthy, prosperous society. Both the Rams and the Patriots fought hard to win on Sunday, but only the Patriots woke up Monday morning in possession of the Lombardi trophy. The Rams played hard but lost. They did not get a trophy. This is how it should be. Despite numerous Super Bowl ads directly or indirectly promoting squishy, feel-good values like...

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Appreciate What You Have

Never underestimate the power of appreciation for what you’ve been given. The moment you begin to lose a sense of gratitude, your perspective on life will become distorted and your motives will become entangled in a web of selfishness. The problem of ingratitude began with our first parents, Adam and Eve. We tend to think Satan tempted them to do something diabolical in the garden of Eden. But when we look at Genesis chapter three, we see a different scenario.  The devil took a subtle...

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