Appreciate What You Have

Never underestimate the power of appreciation for what you’ve been given. The moment you begin to lose a sense of gratitude, your perspective on life will become distorted and your motives will become entangled in a web of selfishness. The problem of ingratitude began with our first parents, Adam and Eve. We tend to think Satan tempted them to do something diabolical in the garden of Eden. But when we look at Genesis chapter three, we see a different scenario.  The devil took a subtle...

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Change the Channel…And Boost Your Joy!

Unwanted thoughts don't go away just because you tell them to. And, resisting an unwanted thought only entangles you and drives that thought deeper into your mind, making it even more of a distraction. The only way to rid yourself of negative thoughts is to exchange them for positive thoughts. If you are upset with your spouse and tell yourself not to be upset, you still stay tuned in to what is aggravating you, and your mood may even worsen. The solution is to transfer your attention to...

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Three Essential Fundamentals

Achieving optimal demands that you become “brilliant on the basics” as Vince Lombardi phrased it when he first took over the Green Bay Packers. If you are serious about achieving your best life, I recommend beginning with three fundamentals that you can then build upon indefinitely. First, establish your top five goals. Clarity is essential. Make sure you set goals across all areas of life. Having only business or financial goals is insufficient. Determine how you want to grow in your faith,...

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Optimizing Digestion

Whether you know it our not, your digestive system is ground zero for your health and vitality. The ability to absorb nutrients, eliminate toxins and avoid inflammation is essential for if you intend to have the energy to crush huge...

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National 4:8 Day

You probably didn’t know it, but today is "National 4:8 Day."  Every year, on this day, I like to have a little fun with the calendar and draw extra attention to the importance of healthy, joyful thinking. After all, it’s easy to take our thought life for granted and allow our mind to play all sorts of tricks on us. In the epic poem, Paradise Lost, Milton shared this profound truth: "The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” In...

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