June 30

June 30 marks the end of the second quarter and also the midpoint for this calendar year. So, why am I talking about June 30 at this point in the year? Because right now, you can have an influence on what your life looks like on June 30. Therefore, there is no better...

Why Do We Resist Success?

In upcoming blogs, I’ll be answering questions from members of our newest online coaching program, GamePLAN for Life. In this post, I’ll be answering Christy’s question: Why do we sometimes resist the one thing that can help us achieve what we most want? One common...

Optimize Your Mindset

As your mindset goes, so goes your life! This is true for your business life and every other corner of your life. Your potential for excellence very simply demands that you consistently pay attention to the caliber of your thought life. This is your responsibility....

We Need More of This!

God created a world where one person’s success benefits the people around that person. In fact, our success creates ripples that spread out in circles far beyond us. Like pebbles dropped into a pond, those ripples intersect across communities, cultures, and even...

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