Having This Attitude Will Change Your Life

Gratitude is the supreme mental habit of appreciating our blessings.And whatever we appreciate with our thoughts, grows in our awareness. In other words, the more we give thanks, the more we notice that we have a lot to be grateful for. Gratitude, after all, is the...

Don’t Sweat the Big Stuff, Either

Today, it is quite apparent that we live in a culture inundated with negative headlines virally spreading images of despair and defeat around the globe in a matter of seconds. Wars continue. Children starve. Tragedy strikes. Corruption abounds. Families break....

2 Things That Distract You From Being Grateful

Gratitude is a conviction, a practice, and a discipline. It’s an essential nutrient, a kind of spiritual amino acid for human growth, creativity, and joy. Gratitude involves channeling your energy and attention toward what is present and working rather than what’s...

Think Like God Thinks

Few people have experience with intentional, focused thinking.  We spend very little time thinking about what we are thinking about.  For most, thinking is a poorly developed ability that often occurs with little conscious awareness.  We can probably go through hours...

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