Proven Principles

When we align our life with the timeless principles of natural law, we experience a surge of confidence, competence, and unparalleled optimism for the future. And the responsibility for learning about these principles and then living by them is completely up to each...

Does God Want You to Achieve Success?

Many people of faith wonder if it’s wrong to pursue wealth or certain types of worldly success. Some even feel guilty for wanting what others don’t have. What about you? Do you think God wants you to succeed? Really dig deep and answer this question. Here is my answer...

Growing Joy in Your Kids at Christmas

Guest post by Tim Elmore Today, I will close with how to grow joy in your kids at Christmas. This one should be easy. I mean, isn’t “joy” one of the most popular topics around this season? Why is it we experience days and even weeks around Christmas where we...

5 Proven Steps

Transform Your Potential Into Real Results!

-Experience more of what you do want

-Less of what you don't want

-Simple five-step process

-Upgrade all areas of life

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