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Dominate Your 20s

If you’re in your 20s or if you have loved ones such as your children who are in theirs 20s, this show is for you.

Over the years, I have worked with many teenagers and young adults on what it takes to succeed ensuring they have the right foundation for success.

Your 20s is an amazing decade of life, especially when it comes to establishing the foundation of a high-character, high-performance way of living.

What you do, or what you neglect to do, between graduation from college and your 30th birthday is huge. It sets the tone for the rest of your life.

Avoid the mindset of the “extended college mentality” or “extended college lifestyle.”

If you haven’t already, now that you’re out in the real world, you want to start thinking like a totally responsible individual.h

When you wake up on your 30th birthday, be where you want to be in life.  Accomplish what you intend to accomplish.

Think about your 20s as your freshman decade.

You’re in your freshman decade right now. What does that mean to you?

A lot is going to happen in this age range that will influence the rest of your life.

Your 20s is the ideal time to set the foundation for an exceptional life, to create the habits that will build the momentum going forward.

You don’t want to make it to age 32, then look back and say, “I wasted a lot of time.” That will be a painful moment and painful realization.

Here are some recommendations to help you achieve your best. Compare yourself against these standards and see how you measure up.

Train to win.

Train to win. Train to crush it. I want you to be one of the most successful people you know on your 30th birthday. Zoom in on that picture.

Seize the decade.

How do you do that? You seize the decade by seizing each and every day. And that begins with thinking back from the future.

Define optimal. 

I want you to define what optimal is.

I want you to think about what would make your life perfect at age 35.

If you had everything you wanted at age 35, what would you have? What would be true, that’s not 100% true today?

What would be in your life? Who would be in your life? What and who would NOT be in your life?

Define that now.

Invest a couple of hours reflecting about what you really really want. Then plan back from that.

Ask yourself the same questions for age 30, then 28 and 26 and so on. This is the piece that is often not done.

It is real easy to move on in life without having a long time perspective.

“You should be very very interested in your future because your going to be spending the rest of your life there”

Set meaningful goals.

Don’t stress about it. You can always change them later.

Establish meaningful goals.

“Think with your fingers.” Either with old fashioned pen and paper – write out the things you want to be true. Or create a document.

Clarify what you want…








Define what you want, why you want it, and how you’re going to go about getting it.

Get serious about success. Unfortunately, not that many people are very serious about success.

You will be the exception.

Build success character.

If you are in your early 20s or that general phase of life.

You probably grew up with many different influences shaping what you believe about the world.

Today, I’m not covering the soft character qualities like compassion, empathy, patience, etc…

These are important. But what I want to talk about is success character.

This will be the difference that will accelerate your progress and help you get from where you are now to where you really want to be down the road.

-Winning mindset.

-Work ethic.


-Intentional relationships.

-Service and value creation.

Winning Mindset.

It begins with your outlook or worldview.

Be a good steward of your potential. This is an obligation that you have. Become everything that God created you to become.

Success is about stewardship.

You have been given talents, time, opportunities, and it’s very important that whatever you multiply what you have been given. This is stewardship. 

Believe in abundance.

If you apply the principles of success, plant the right seeds, and refuse to give up, you can succeed and everyone else around you can succeed as well. All truly successful individuals understand this.

We can all succeed and maximize our full potential.

Success in real life is not a zero sum game.

The flip side of this is the “poverty mindset.” Or scarcity mindset.

“If you win, then I loose”

“If you earn more, I earn less”

“When you become more successful, it makes me less successful. ” “There’s not enough to go around.” This is all nonsense.

Stay away from people who think or talk like this. Avoid exposure that promote this toxic mentality.

Success is a blessing.

Your success blesses others.

When you succeed you create a ripple effect.

For example, when someone starts a business and the business does well it creates jobs.

When you succeed, it’s almost impossible to not bring other people with you.

Self image. (How you think about yourself right now)

A lot of your mindset has to do with how you see yourself.

This is generally developed by what you say to yourself and what you believe.

It is also developed based on what the people you love and care about say about you.

Self ideal. (Future image of yourself, who you might one day become.)

Everybody has a self-ideal. Be more intentional and deliberate with the development of this mental construct. Otherwise you will be on autopilot and let others shape your destiny.

In your 20s you can make your life whatever you want to want to make of it if…

…If you are willing to get clear on what you’re trying to accomplish and are willing to work really hard.

4:8 Mindset (Optimistic Mindset)

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

In any situation you have the choice to either focus on the good or the bad.

Extreme ownership (see Jocko Willink)

Ownership of your thoughts.

Ownership of your words.

Ownership of your actions.

Create an excuse free zone.

Say “I am responsible” all the time.

It may be painful at first, but it is actually very freeing.

Pretending to be a victim slows your growth.

Work Ethic

In your 20s, outwork everyone.

Leverage your discretionary time.

Evenings. Weekends. Vacations.

In your 20s, be more focused on preparing for your 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s than simply entertaining yourself.

Make sure you are using extra time every day to get ahead, to do more than the average person.

If you just do what everyone else is doing, you can only go at that pace, which produces mediocrity at best.

Sleep and Work

There is a phase of life when for at least 5 nights a week, you go to sleep early and you get up early and you go to work.

Stress and recovery!

Don’t maintain a lifestyle form college where you stay up late and sleep in until the last possible moment.


Focus and concentration produce success. It’s really that simple. Distraction is enemy #1.

Lack of concentration and diffusion of focus produces failure. (Being scattered)

Thinking about too many things at the same time is a prescription for underperformance.

Two Types of Focus:

Task Focus and Long-term focus.

Task focus is working on a specific task. This is single minded focus.

This is stating on task until the task is complete. This is not checking your phone or multitasking.

Research shows multitasking or toggling between tasks drastically reduces productivity.

Long-term (sustained) focus.

This is having a 1 year, or 3 year, goal and being able to stick with it until it is achieved.

If you have finished college, that is amazing. That is an example of sustained focus.

Your 35th birthday will come much quicker than you think.

When you wake on your 35th birthday, you are going to wake up to a certain set of circumstances and conditions and success or lack thereof.

Now is the time to change what age 35 looks like.

Set 3-5 short term goals that motivate you.

Choose goals that have powerful and positive rewards when you reach them so that it motivates you.

Set goals that make you want to get up early and stay up late to push towards your goal. If you don’t have motivation like this, change your goals. 

Develop a goal map.

This is a collage of pictures that are symbolic of what you are trying to accomplish or who you are trying to become.

You can either do it on a poster board with pictures cut out of a magazine.

Some people prefer making a keynote or powerpoint that they can flip through every morning.

Weekly Evaluation.

I encourage you to take 10-15 minutes sometime on Sunday to review how you have performed in the last week.

Ask yourself:

What has gone well?

What hasn’t gone well?

What do I need to do differently?

This will speed up the learning curve and prevent you from making the same mistakes over and over again.

Relationship building.

You want to make connections with other individuals that will be a part of your community of success.

Make connections, join groups, get around other success-oriented individuals.

Establish friendships with your goals in mind.

Keep track of the people that you’re meeting and getting to know.

Make notes so you can keep track of the goals and dreams of the people around you.

Ultimately, you want to focus on adding value to the people that you are meeting.

Seek to help the people you meet. This is huge!

The way to reach your goals is to help as many other people reach their goals.

Develop a list of the most important 10-20 people in your life and look at it frequently.

Build relationships before you need them.


Our rewards in life will be in direct proportion to the value we add to the marketplace.

I’m referring to service in the sense of adding value and contributing to people in the marketplace.

Find out how people want to be served and then serve them better than anyone else.

Find out how you can be more valuable to your boss, your customers and your co-workers.

Get obsessed with making yourself more valuable.

To earn more, you have to learn more and serve more.

Go the extra mile.

Pay the price now.

Your 20s is your launching pad decade.

Plant the right seeds.

Delay gratification.

Train to win.

Your Success Blesses Others!

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