Show Notes:

In this episode of Achieving Optimal, I talk about Finishing Strong. I want you to finish this year strong and head into the new year with lots of momentum. We always intend to finish strong, but it’s easy to get consumed with busyness and end of year clutter.

It’s easy to get to mid-January without having your plans fully developed.

I want to give you four ideas that you can put into practice immediately to make sure that you finish strong because finishing strong is key to starting strong.

Number 1: Immerse yourself in gratitude

-Get super appreciative of all the goodness in your life.
-Think about your victories and accomplishments, both big and small
-Write thank-you notes to those you are appreciative of
-Call those who you are especially grateful for
-Write an exhaustive list of all the things you are thankful for

Q: Who are the people in your life right now, who were not in your life a year ago, who you are grateful for?

Q: Who are the people are in your life today, that have been in your life for decades?

Q: Who are the people who, this time next year, you would like to be part of your life?

Number 2: Develop a punch-list

-Make a comprehensive list of all the things you need to accomplish before the end of the year
-The list should be as detailed as possible
-This will allow you to start the year with no loose ends
-Try to have everything completed by Christmas so you can enjoy the final week
-Take care of all your personal, household, clutter, and cleanup projects

Q: What are the things that you need to get done that will position you to go into the new year with lots of momentum?

Q: Are there maintenance items? Are there clutters items? Are there things you need to do with /car/house/school/doctor/etc…?

Number 3: Act the part.

“Act the part, become the part.” -Coach

-Begin doing the things now that you plan to start in the new year
-Don’t wait until the new year to become a better version of yourself
-“New Year’s resolutions are not goals.”
-You must be serious about things you want to improve in the new year
-Begin to act as if you have already become the person you want to be in 2020

Q: What are the upgrades that you want to see in your life in 2020.

Q: If you’re acting the part of this revised version of you, what do you need to stop doing?

Q: What do you need to remove from your life?

Number 4: Workout double

-If you usually work out twice a week, work out four times a week
-This is going to set a new pattern for you and build momentum
-It will also help prevent the weight gain that affects many people during the holiday season
-Sweat more, workout more, and listen to more positive mental nutrition
-Instead of waiting like most people until indulgence of food and drink has ended, get a head start by starting now

Most importantly, remember… Your Success Blesses Others!




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