I’ve observed throughout my life that when individuals stray from timeless principles, trouble and adversity of some kind are never far behind. You can observe this for yourself with children and adults alike. 

There are unwavering principles that govern each area of our lives as well as principles that govern our lives as a whole. When we attempt to bend, stretch, or otherwise pervert these principles, we set ourselves up for pain and regret in the long run. 

The most successful individuals who have ever walked this planet have resisted the natural human tendency to make up their own little laws of life. Likewise, if you want to develop all the potential within you, you must avoid the trendy politically correct mentality that has permeated our society.

The good news about universal principles is that they will always be there for you. No matter how often you abandon or slander them, they will still welcome you back, like the prodigal son, with open arms. You will, naturally, experience the repercussions of getting off track. This is simply how life works. 

Fortunately, by responsibly organizing (or reorganizing) your life around authentic principles, you can again start experiencing positive results, and often much sooner than you may believe is possible.

In what areas of your life are you most in sync with timeless truth? In what areas have you drifted from these principles?

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