Early in my business career, one of my mentors shared with me two very important words. These words were, EVERYTHING COUNTS! I didn’t fully appreciate what it meant at the time, but looking back, I view these two words as some of the best advice I’ve ever received.

I love the bluntness of this simple truth. It doesn’t suggest that “some things” or “many things” or even “most things” count. Quite succinctly, it reminds us that “everything counts.”

Not only does today matter, but every moment within this day is important and generates its own future consequences of some kind or another.

Remember that, unlike football, basketball, hockey, and most other sports, there are no time outs in life. The game clock is forever ticking and there are no pause bottoms or dress rehearsals either. Its reality TV… but without the TV. Consider what this means for your future.

What you think matters. What you say matters. What you mumble to yourself matters. What you do with your time matters. What you read, surf, watch, and repeatedly listen to matters.

What you eat and drink matters. What you don’t eat and drink matters. When you go to sleep and when you wake up matters. How you dress and present yourself to others matters.

Even, and especially, the friends you choose to hang out with matters. It’s scary, but true. There is no place to hide. This is true in business, relationships, sports, health, family, and finances. It all matters. If you understand, you will instantly become part of the well-informed minority.

A lot of people will scoff at this notion, preferring instead to pretend that certain moments, certain choices, and certain behaviors are neutral and have no real impact on who you become or how your character evolves.

What you do Friday night counts, just as what you do Sunday morning or Thursday afternoon counts. Stay alert as cultural and media-driven influences will cleverly convince us to sell the future for the present.

Fortunately, there’s no need to become an uptight and anxious “stick-in-the-mud.” To the contrary, it’s important to have fun, appreciate spontaneity, and experience carefreeness.

The reason I am emphasizing this truth is to encourage you to organize your goals, plans, hopes and dreams, in fact, your entire life around it.

Become wise enough to consistently make smart choices, knowing that both actions and inactions eventually produce corresponding consequences.

In which areas of your life should you pay more attention and be more conscientious in the next 7 days?

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