June 30 marks the end of the second quarter and also the midpoint for this calendar year. So, why am I talking about June 30 at this point in the year? Because right now, you can have an influence on what your life looks like on June 30.

Therefore, there is no better use of your time than to create a plan that will help you raise your standards and crush your goals over the next thirteen weeks.

Think about it.

In just 90 days, half of 2017 will become part of your distinct history. Once the calendar turns to June 30, you will no longer be able to “take back” the things you wish you hadn’t said or “un-eat” the food you’ve already metabolized.

When June 30 arrives, you will not be able to reminisce about the date nights that just never happened nor the memories that were not created. You will not be able invest what you already spent or squeeze in those workouts you already skipped, nor make those business calls that were postponed. And, those clutter projects that you procrastinated, they will still be incomplete as well.

One thing is for certain, though. You can learn from the past, but you can’t improve on it. You can no more change what happened this morning than you can change that grade you got on your forth grade science quiz.

But the influence you can have on our future is almost unlimited! Remember, having a plan for your future distinguishes you from people who say they want great results but have no clear path to reaching their goals.

Making a thoughtful, tangible plan for your future shouts to the world that you’re a serious participant in your own life. It shows you’re a player on the field, not a spectator in the grandstand of life.

Planning encourages self-reliance, sharpens critical thinking, diminishes risk, and encourages excellence. It requires you to apply self-discipline and at the same time hones your self-discipline skills for the future. And your first step in planning for your future is always clarifying your destination.

So, where will you arrive on June 30? What do you want to accomplish over the next 90 days? What do you want to be true on June 30?

Things rarely improve by themselves, right? If you want next week or next quarter to be better, you must become better. You must make changes today. First, make a better plan, and then watch a better quarter unfold.

First, create an excellent plan, then watch an excellent life appear. Hope is not the same thing as a plan, and action without sufficient planning causes frustration and failure. Tomorrow changes today.

June 30 changes today!

What will be better about your life on June 30? (comment below…)

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