This is not breaking news! Every husband and every wife are imperfect, both gifted and flawed in numerous, often unpredictable ways. Consequently, nowhere is the apostle Paul’s advice from Philippians 4:8 more valuable, more practical, or more enduring than in the arena of marriage. 

Consider that every thought you think about your spouse either strengthens or weakens the foundation of the relationship. 

Thoughts about your husband are not neutral. Thoughts about your wife are not neutral. Every thought matters. Warm, caring thoughts build up; cold, selfish thoughts tear down. 

Thinking critically about your spouse, even if you believe it is warranted, will postpone true intimacy and the closeness you both desire. As relentlessly as you may try, you cannot think one thing about your mate and experience something different in the relationship. 

Much of the negative thinking about your spouse occurs when he or she is not around. Nonetheless, the effects of this “invisible” negativity will, in due course, become visible in your common space as a couple. 

In what ways could some 4:8 thinking bring out the best in your spouse this weekend and beyond?

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