The foods we choose to eat throughout the day exert a powerful impact on our level of physical, mental, and emotional energy.  Fortunately, nutrition is within our control!

It is our personal responsibility to stay on top of the latest research concerning the foods we eat and their connection to our energy, immunity, and longevity.  Upgrading our nutritional daily habits will cause us to experience a quantum leap in our hour-to-hour energy levels.  This will quickly translate into more quality time with those we love and for the projects and goals that we find most meaningful.

Here are some steps to high-energy nutrition:

1)  Take the time to plan your meals.  Doing this puts you back in control of your nutrition.  What you eat should be based upon nutritional content, not on convenience.  Learn to read and understand food labels to avoid purchasing foods with low, to no nutritional value.

2)  Focus on balanced nutrition.  The primary factor in achieving optimal health is stable blood sugar.  And balanced nutrition is the key to stabilizing your blood sugar.  Simply put, this means you must incorporate a balance of lean complete proteins, essential fats, and low-glycemic carbohydrates into each meal or snack.  For example, a balanced dinner could include salmon or chicken as the lean protein, a spinach salad mixed with a variety of fresh vegetables as the carbohydrate, with an olive-oil-based dressing as the essential fat.

3)  Eat frequent small meals and drink plenty of water.  Large meals overburden your digestive system and interfere with absorption of nutrients.  Big meals, especially those high in saturated fat, trans fat, or refined foods, lead to post-meal lethargy and low performance.

4)  Work in at least seven servings of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Start incorporating them into every meal and snack you make.  Having them pre-washed for the day and ready to eat encourages healthy snacking.

5)  Drastically reduce or eliminate sugar, table salt, and refined white flour.  These are the three white poisons!  They offer little if any nutritional value and are known to contribute to a host of health problems.

6)  Supplement your diet with an all-natural, high-quality, multiple vitamin and mineral formula.  I encourage you to learn all you can about vitamins and supplements, and begin working them into your overall high-energy fitness strategy.

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