Coach Darren Fink – Naturopath

Optimal Health & Energy Audit [Start Here]

  • healthInterview & Evaluation of Health & Fitness Goals & Habits
  • Nutrition, Sleep, Emotions, Digestion, Exercise & Emotions
  • Recommendations for diagnostic testing
  • Preliminary recommendations for diet modifications
  • Priority recommendations for supplements/nutraceuticals
  • Recommendations for exercise and other lifestyle adjustments

healthAfter completing this session, you will be better informed about the often-overlooked factors that impact your energy, immunity and longevity.

Coach Fink will provide you with a written list of priority adjustments and action items. You’ll be prepared to make wise choices that will produce optimal health and wellness for you and your family.



Optimal Health Coaching [Stay on Track & Optimize]

  • Maintain extreme momentum toward your health and fitness goals
  • Receive ongoing feedback about nutrition, fitness, and supplements
  • Stay on top of the latest research that impacts your wellness
  • Gain insight about contradictory health trends, breakthroughs
  • Get practical answers to your health questions in an un-rushed format
  • Become the CEO of your health

foodThese ongoing coaching sessions hold you accountable to making the changes that lead to optimal health and wellness.

You’ll receive customized feedback and have your questions answered, so that you stay in command of the factors that both threaten and support your health and fitness goals. Depending on your goals, Coach Darren Fink will design a coaching schedule that fits your life. 

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