I confess I get a bit worn out hearing people talk so excessively about their rights. Why isn’t their some “national conversation” around responsibility, preferably good old-fashioned, individual responsibility?

The longer I’ve lived, (and coached) the more I’ve realized that a good dose of personal responsibility solves many problems and cures many ills. This is true at home, at work and in the country.

In this nation, we clearly have issues.

It’s probably accurate to say we have hundreds of problems. Likewise, it must be acknowledged that there are thousands of blessings and opportunities that are available in abundance here in the USA.

To harp on the bad stuff without expressing appreciation for the good stuff is disingenuous at best. The opportunities here in the United States are available to anyone willing to own their thoughts, discipline their behaviors and work to become excellent in at least one area that matters to others.

No one has the right to succeed or take home a trophy. It is only a possibility. And the possibility of magnificent success is always simultaneously coupled with the possibility of miserable failure. We cannot have the hope of the good one without the possibility of the bad one.

Yes, in this country, on top of our God-given rights, we have an ever growing number of entitlements granted by the government as well.

Interestingly, we have the right to be stupid. This right does not come from our government. Instead, like our other essential rights, this one comes from our Creator. It’s called sowing and reaping.

But, just because we have a right to do something or say something…or just because something is legal or trending, does not mean it is wise.

We have the freedom to be stupid if we choose.

I define “stupid” from a behavioral vantage point. I know this is harsh, but if you repeatedly make poor decisions, for all intents and purposes, you are stupid. Stupid is as stupid does.

Poor decisions are those that are inconsistent with timeless principles. Poor decisions are those that undermine your health and happiness. Poor decisions are those that make you sell tomorrow for instant gratification today. Poor decisions are those that make you feel good about doing the wrong thing.

What’s a real shame is when people act stupidly and don’t even know it.

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