Goals tell your brain what to notice and pay attention to as you go about your day to day activities. 

In the absence of clear goals, you will simply notice too many different and unrelated things, rather than the few essential things that move you toward your goal. This approach disperses your attention and prevents the focus that is needed to optimize your life. 

Successful people figure this out prior to becoming successful and make necessary adjustments. They stop looking in every direction and instead gaze in the single direction of their most important goal. 

So what is your most important goal?

Goals are easy to set and goals are even easier to ignore. This is true in business and at home. But it’s definitely more comfortable to wake up each day and wing it. Eventually, however, the consequences of “wake and wing” reveal themselves in weak results that flow from scattered attention and diffused effort. 

Goals and growth go together. If you want to grow into the person God created you to become, goals clarify direction and crystallize commitment. And by goals, I mean specifically worded, outcome-based statements that spell out your intention in unambiguous, clearly measurable language. 

Your blunt, accountability-driven goal statement is important because it prevents you from deluding yourself and fumbling around for too long thinking you’re winning when you’re really losing.

Without goals, few people actually grow into their full potential. Instead they hover and stagnate, repeating the same behavioral patterns that have brought them to the place they are today. They may be nice individuals, but without goals, they will be cheating themselves and the world of the distinctive talent and value they have to offer. 

Growth requires focus and focus requires goals. The alternative to a focused mind is a scattered mind. A scattered mind requires no effort or discipline at all. It is the default mental setting that can be easily observed in others by glancing to your left and right. 

Once you know the right goal to accomplish, really focusing on that goal brings about stunning results. But real focus means you deliberately concentrate on your goal, despite the distractions and temptations in your environment. 

Real focus means you organize not just each day, but each hour and even each minute…with your goal in mind. Real focus means you make decisions with your goal in mind. Real focus means you think, speak, and act in a manner that harmonizes with your goal. Real focus means you are a serious participant in creating your best self.

With real focus, you can outperform your previous best. With real focus you can put in less time, but produce better results. With real focus, you can work less and earn more. With real focus, you can be a wise steward, increase your influence and maximize your positive impact in the marketplace and elsewhere. 

With real focus, you can upgrade yourself and reinvent your future. And, with real focus, you can also repair relationships, rejuvenate your health, and rebuild any parts of your life and career that may be sub-optimal. Even better, you can do this in a surprisingly short period of time…if you get really focused.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to grow your business in a huge way without compromising your faith, family and health, we can help you.

Keep in mind, real focus takes real mental work. And, there are no shortcuts. But real focus allows you to reap big rewards. Real focus doesn’t begin tomorrow. It starts right now.

If you’re ready to grow your business, simply your life and achieve awesome, we invite you to apply for The 1% Club coaching program today.

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