Success is a blessing

SuccessSuccess, rightly understood, is a very good thing. We believe that success is fulfilling our God-given potential here on earth in service to others. Specifically, this means as an individual, in our marriage and family, and in our career. Success is a multiplier. When we contribute to and add value to other people’s lives, they, in turn, add value to our lives. Our success blesses others!

Success is stewardship

We believe that both service and stewardship precede success. Entrusted with unique talents and opportunities, we are charged with investing, growing and multiplying — with becoming faithful stewards of our gifts, relationships and resources.

Success is not about acquiring certain stuff or arriving at a specific destination – it’s about how far we’ve come, how much we’ve given and how much we’ve grown along the way. This outlook demands a lifetime of spiritual growth and self-development.

True success rejects mediocrity and complacency. It forces us to desert our comfort zone, chisel our character, and chase the dream that God has personally chosen for us.

Success is not an Accident

Success Is Not An AccidentWe believe success is a planned outcome, not an arbitrary and unpredictable occurrence. Rooted in the biblical principle of Sowing & Reaping, success in life isn’t based on need, but on seed.

Success is the effect generated by prudent thinking integrated with productive action.

Success occurs in the lives of specific people for specific reasons. It comes from figuring out our chief aim and then choosing to invest our time doing only those things that move us down the path to our destination. As any farmer knows too well, success is not something that randomly happens to us; it is something that we make happen by planting the right seeds and lots of them. However we choose to define it, success is predictable.

By investing the time to find out how other people achieved success, we can learn what seeds to plant, and in due season, begin reaping similar results.

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