Why Do We Resist Success?

In upcoming blogs, I’ll be answering questions from members of our newest online coaching program, GamePLAN for Life. In this post, I’ll be answering Christy’s question: Why do we sometimes resist the one thing that can help us achieve what we most want? One common...

Finish Strong!

As of today, there are 93 days left in 2016. Have you been crushing the goals you set for this year? Are you on track? Conduct a brief check up. Reflect back to January 1… Evaluate your progress spiritually, in your marriage, as a parent, financially, physically and...
How to Break Away From Your Comfort Zone

How to Break Away From Your Comfort Zone

Commitment is the indispensable iron quality of character that paves the way for every great accomplishment. Fortunately, commitment is not a trait we are born with. Rather it is a virtue that can and must be tuned into and then woven into our approach to life if we...

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