Several years ago, my trainer, Richard, suggested that I stand on one leg on the back/flat side of his Bosu Ball while I lifted my other leg to my chest and then back toward the ground without ever touching the ground or the even the ball.

In other words, he wanted me to balance on one leg on a very unstable surface while moving my other leg back and forth from fully extended to touching my opposite elbow. This may be as hard for you to visualize from my explanation as it was difficult for me to imagine myself performing this exercise when he was instructing me to do so.

I remember looking at him like he was crazy (as I often do) in the gym. Since my glare did not discourage his insistence on my attempting this stunt, I went ahead and gave it a try.

I was very deliberate, making sure that I placed my foot in the proper spot and concentrating on not falling and leaving the workout in worse shape than when I begun.

I was extremely careful. I was very cautious. I didn’t want to make a mistake. I was playing great defense so to speak. And…I kept losing my balance as soon as I started lifting my leg up and down.

Richard walked over and again demonstrated effortlessly and flawlessly how to do it right. (As if I’d missed some important key the first time) He just stepped up on the ball and did it. It was simple. He wasn’t careful. He wasn’t cautious. He just launched. So I made an important decision at that moment.

I decided to “just do it” as the old Nike slogan puts it. My coach told me to, “trust and launch” and so I did.

I wasn’t even sure exactly what he meant. Was I supposed to trust him? Was I supposed to trust God for this exercise? It didn’t seem particularly spiritual at the time. But, I realized just what he meant when he said, “You’re body knows what do. Just force it to do it!”

So I walked to the ball quickly, stepped on the center without over-thinking it and simply started exercising. I kept my balance, worked my core and felt awesome and accomplished when I finished. That’s easy, I thought.

As Richard and I discussed the principle at play, I gained some important clarity. My hesitation and negative expectation (that it wasn’t possible, safe, or even necessary to do this exercise) interfered with my potential to get the result. Yet the instant I made the decision to launch, I became a different student and a better athlete.

When I launched on top of that oddly shaped ball I demanded greater balance than I’ve ever had before…and my body supplied it, but not a second before I really needed it. Demand and supply at work!

How often can our doubts and fears manifest as delay, procrastination, and postponement?

Rather than trusting my body’s ability to balance itself under unusual circumstances, I demanded to know how this would work or if it could even work. When I finally did launch, my body took over. I still don’t know how I did it, but now I don’t care about that. I got the result in this instance when I got out of my own way.

Is there something in your life that you’ve been putting off? Is it in your business? Is it in your marriage? Does it involve your health and energy?

If you wait until it feels right and safe, that time may never come! Why not trust God, trust yourself, and yes, even trust your body and then blast off?

What important action have you been putting off and what’s your excuse?

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