hr_handsholdinglightbulbGod created a world where one person’s success benefits the people around that person. In fact, our success creates ripples that spread out in circles far beyond us. Like pebbles dropped into a pond, those ripples intersect across communities, cultures, and even generations.God desires that all His children be blessed, and He created an economic dynamic based upon our mutual support for one another. By His design, your success blesses others.

Success creates a cascade not only in the business world but in all walks of life, from school teachers to homemakers to ministers to surgeons to sales people. When we serve others with excellence, ripples of blessing spread far and wide.
Celebrate the service, innovation, gifts, leadership, and creativity of others. Applaud the good things they bring to the world. Learn to smile as the cameras flash for other people. As you witness other people perfecting their crafts, serving others, or creating successful ventures, cheer them on!
Success is a good thing, and we need much more of it.

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