In upcoming blogs, I’ll be answering questions from members of our newest online coaching program, GamePLAN for Life.

In this post, I’ll be answering Christy’s question:

Why do we sometimes resist the one thing that can help us achieve what we most want?

One common reason why we resist the very thing that can most help us the most is because our self-image is stuck in the wrong place.

For example, we might consciously desire something better in our life, but we see ourselves (self-image) as a completely different person, possibly unworthy (in our own minds) of having the better circumstance. Consequently, despite wanting something better, we continue to engage in mental, emotional, and physical habits that reinforces the past, as opposed to building the better future self.

While the solution to this quagmire merits a more in depth answer than is practical at the moment, there are several things you can do to upgrade your self-image:


Develop a crisp picture of the person you intend to be at a particular date in the future (such as 3 years). Drafting 12 first person, present tense sentences that describe “what would be true” with the “future you” is a good way to crystallize this image.


Dwell/meditate on this image daily, especially right before sleeping and upon waking up


Cut out all self-talk that opposes this desired future picture. Similarly, refuse to make critical comments about yourself in front of others (especially in the area you are wanting to upgrade).


Pray for those who are already experiencing some of the circumstances you’d like to also experience.


As much as possible act like the person you want to be down the road. Act that way now, especially in how you use your time from day to day and week to week.

I hope this is helpful.

Your Success Blesses Others!


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