Individualized, private coaching and accountability to help you improve and upgrade your life faster and more substantively than you could on your own.

Are you ready to accelerate your progress and achieve optimal results?

One2One Private Coaching is our proven method for improving and upgrading your life faster and more efficiently than you could on your own.

After coaching leaders and peak performers in over 30 different industries since 1991, Tommy and his coaching staff bring unmatched experience and perspective to our private coaching clients.

We help you:

  • Clarify Direction
  • Upgrade Confidence
  • Enhance Relationships
  • Optimize Mindset
  • Boost Income
  • Build Momentum
  • Leverage Strengths
  • Strengthen Energy, Immunity and Longevity

As your coach, we’ll help you analyze where you are today compared with where you’d rather be. Assessing your current position helps us measure your progress and identify current and potential obstacles. After this critical step,  we help you devise an action plan to achieve the right goals faster.

From that point forward, we push, challenge, encourage, advise, and sharpen you. We ask the tough questions. We refuse to let you off the hook. Plain and simple, we move you beyond your previous best.

This blunt, objective feedback and insight will help you clarify and create your optimal future in less time and with less stress than you ever imagined.

Our Coaching Process

This repeatable and continuously refined process becomes your system, equipping you with the “track” or “template” to organize your life around so that you avoid distractions and diversions…and instead stay focused on reaching your most important growth goals across the critical life areas.



Define what you intend to accomplish, why you must accomplish it and how you will accomplish it.



Identify low-value activity. Reduce the clutter, complexity and obligations that interfere with peak performance and hijack your joy and fulfillment.



Organize your work life around what you do best. Exploit your unique strengths with better systems and support to enhance your personal value.



Leverage strategic relationships, habits and technology along with proven methods of distraction control to hit your goals faster.



Utilize positive peer pressure to follow through, keep your commitments and outperform your previous best.

Are you coachable? 

Our coaching is not for everyone. You must be coachable, of course, and exceptionally open to seeing truth about where you are now and then be ready and willing to alter certain behaviors in your life and career in order to achieve new and better results.

While this process is not effortless, it is a highly controllable investment, one where you determine the rate of return by the effort you put forth.

Our Coaching Staff

Tommy has recruited and personally trained coaches that are available to help you clarify, plan, and reach the goals that are most important to you. Working with our coaching staff ensures you experience greater motivation, tenacious accountability, a laser-sharp focus, and upgraded results.

You can expect your coach to become a trusted friend and ally, with your success as the focal point. Consequently, you reach the right goals in the right way, saving time, money and effort in the process.



SuperFOCUS ONE2ONE Coaching


$497 per month

  • 1 MONTHLY SESSION with a Tommy Newberry Certified Coach
  • Physical Materials shipped Via FedEx
  • SuperFOCUS Membership Included
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call with Tommy via ZOOM
  • Access Tools & Resources Online 24/7 Via Members Only Area 
  • Reach The Right Goals Faster!
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*Due to his schedule and prior commitments, Tommy only works with a limited number of clients at one time. If you’d like to work directly with Tommy, please apply to join The 1% Club here. 


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