Your Coach & Mentor

As a Christian entrepreneur, you want to earn more, work less, and leave a lasting legacy.

Maybe you find yourself overworked, underpaid, and left with very little time for the things that really matters like faith and family. 

I’m here to coach you along the way.

I’ve dedicated the last 30 years to helping entrepreneurs and their families maximize their God-given potential. I’ve worked with business leaders in more than thirty different industries to work less, earn more, and create greater significance with the right accomplishments.

Tommy Newberry is the author of seven books—including the New York Times bestseller, The 4:8 Principle, and the motivational classic, Success is Not an Accident—both of which have been translated into dozens of languages.

Excel at work and home.

Since 1991, I’ve created private coaching, group coaching, and online coaching initiatives to empower every level of entrepreneur to achieve their goals faster. 

I’ve also launched the Couples Planning Retreat which takes world-class planning tools into the family realm, allowing husbands and wives to design a more simplified, fun and growth-oriented life together. 

I’ve had the opportunity to speak at countless schools, parent support groups, churches, business conferences. As an author of 7 books, I've made guest appearances on hundreds of radio and television programs, including Fox & Friends, The Lou Dobbs Show, Your World With Neil Cavuto, Janet Parshall’s America, The Fox News Strategy Room, and many others along with a bunch of podcasts. 

Perhaps most importantly, I’ve been able to do all of this while staying on track with the non-business side of life.  My wife Kristin and I have been married since 1994 and have three boys, two of which have finished college. 

If you're ready to take your business and life to the next level, please send me a note.

What we do:

We coach the coachable – equipping ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders to succeed at the highest level in the service of others and to the glory of God.

I understand what it takes to produce total success and have distilled, condensed, and “made practical” the most valuable concepts, principles, and strategies for personal effectiveness ever discovered or developed.

We specialize in delivering ongoing, high-content coaching programs that equip our members to excel as individuals, in their marriages, with their families, and as leaders in their organizations.

Our Coaching Process

This repeatable and continuously refined process becomes your system, equipping you with the “track” or “template” to organize your life around so that you avoid distractions and diversions…and instead stay focused on reaching your most important growth goals across the critical life areas.



Define what you intend to accomplish, why you must accomplish it and how you will accomplish it.



Identify low-value activity. Reduce the clutter, complexity and obligations that interfere with peak performance and hijack your joy and fulfillment.



Organize your work life around what you do best. Exploit your unique strengths with better systems and support to enhance your personal value.



Leverage strategic relationships, habits and technology along with proven methods of distraction control to hit your goals faster.



Utilize positive peer pressure to follow through, keep your commitments and outperform your previous best.

Life, Liberty, and the PURSUIT of Happiness



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