Success Is Not An Accident: Change Your Choices, Change Your Life

About The Book

Tommy Newberry’s best-selling Success Is Not an Accident (self-published in 1999) has helped over 100,000 readers achieve higher levels of success in both their personal and professional lives. Reminiscent of best-selling authors Stephen Covey and John Maxwell, Newberry teaches readers the power of goal setting, time management, visualization, and “self-talk” so they can achieve peak levels of performance in all areas of their lives.

The Choice Is Yours!

Success is “not” an accident! This is without a doubt the single most important lesson you must learn, and really understand, if you want to develop your full potential and achieve all the success you were designed to enjoy!

Whether you want to strengthen your family life, improve your career, deepen your faith, or take your physical energy to a whole new level, you can do it!

With the help of America’s Success Coach Tommy Newberry, you’ll learn how to develop a life-changing mission statement; create, set, and achieve exciting and attainable goals; manage your time and stress levels to achieve peak eectiveness; unleash the amazing power of visualization and self-talk; and quickly boost your natural energy levels.

There’s no magic. The process of living your dreams is not complex or even sophisticated. It’s simple. It’s straightforward. It works. And the moment you fully accept it, your life and the lives of those you love will never again be the same.

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