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Get a taste of 1% content as Tommy and entrepreneur, blogger, and The 1% Club Member, Tom Greene, discuss mindset, fear of failure, "Etched Memories," and the entrepreneur's life.

Listen in as Tommy and The 1% Club Member, Ryan Cone, president of Cone Commercial Real Estate, discuss locking in 1% habits that accelerate goal accomplishment, learning from those who are ahead of you, and making family and fitness non-negotiable priorities.

“If you have a feeling inside you that there is more for you in life than what you are now; you have a feeling that there is more for you than what you have and are doing now, you are right. SuperFOCUS will help, as it has done and is doing for me, clarify and charge your life. If I had to pick only one thing that it has done for me in the first 30 days is that it has helped me focus on First things First. Sounds simple … Do it.”

 Todd T.

The SuperFOCUS program has forced me to think about what is most important in all areas of my life and how do I get better in those areas. I am trying to play to my strengths as much as possible and remove the clutter that bogs me down. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to focus on what is most important in their lives and be a super achiever.”

— Boynton S.

The SuperFOCUS Program infuses you with positive, productive goals and thinking to move you, your family and your business from anywhere you may be today, to purposefully achieving excellence in all you do tomorrow and throughout your future.”

— George S.

“In our daily lives, there are so many distractions that can chip away at our productivity. Having a process such as SuperFOCUS helps keep me on the right track every day. The increased focus upon one’s goals equips me with the ability to identify what truly is a priority versus what is a distraction.”

— Matt M.

“Tommy has helped me believe that I can do almost anything I set my mind to. The returns I’ve gotten from The 1% Club, in terms of happiness and financial gain, over the last two decades far exceeds the investment I’ve made in time and money. My life is much different and much better as a result of knowing Tommy.”

— Dave A.

The 1% Club has been the single best investment I have ever made in my life. It brought me closer to God and my wife and has made me more successful financially while also keeping me super lean and healthy. I have 10 notebooks full of goals, ideas for the future, and notes from our quarterly sessions. My net worth has exploded and I’m also growing tremendously as a person outside of the business world and that fires me up as well.”

— Ryan C.

“Being a client of Tommy’s in The 1% Club was perhaps the most important decision in my life next to getting married and having children. I became an entrepreneur, created financial success beyond my expectations, and completed the Boston Marathon. These are but a few of the accomplishments that were planned and produced in The 1% Club.”

— Scott G.

“I met Tommy for the first time in a memorable way on September 10, 2001. My experience with The 1% Club was overwhelming in the beginning, then the fog started to clear and the chase for my ‘Genius’ was on. Through a mastermind group with Tommy, I identified my next CFO. Then came our annual marriage retreats which profoundly impacted our relationship and the parenting of our daughters, then exercise challenges and my first triathlon ever, and many lifelong, like-minded friendships with fellow 1%ers. It has been an amazingly positive experience.”

— Maarten K.

“Thank you and your team for making a “huge” difference in my life through The 1% Club program. The last 5 years have been the most productive and enjoyable of my life and are a direct result of using the principles taught in The 1% Club program. I have achieved personal and professional goals that at one time in my life I would have considered unachievable.”

—James B.

“The first eighteen months with The 1% Club program have, quite simply, changed my life. I see the impact of the program in every area of my life. I feel that I am operating at the top of my game, and I couldn’t have done it without the program.”

—Bert C.

“Tommy’s presentation has staying power. He inspired and engaged our group with clear-cut strategies and practical takeaways for winning in the year ahead. We’ve now brought him in two years in a row and plan to do so again!”

—Jim M.

“I have personally watched Tommy teach some of the top business people in the country to adopt his 4:8 Principle mindset in their workplaces and families. The tangible, positive results they’ve experienced have been tremendous.”

—John T.

“Thank you for a terrific seminar – ‘Success Is Not An Accident.’ The presentation and the material was first class all the way! It is definitely an impactful session well worth the time and the investment. Please keep up the good work – you are changing lives!”

—David F.

“Your presentation on The 4:8 Principle during Agent Appreciation Day exceeded our already high expectations! Keeping 700 people fully engaged is no easy task, but you nailed it. Your energy, humor and authenticity amplified your message, leaving all of us inspired and wanting more. Thank you, and we are looking forward to having you back.”

— Michele V.

“Thank you for your inspirational and thought provoking presentation at our Corporate Meeting. The reviews from our attendees have been nothing but positive, and this is a tough group to please! Thanks for playing an important role in our meeting and for providing us with excellent suggestions on how to improve our business as well as our personal life.”

—Jimmy L.

“Over the past three years with Tommy, I’ve been able to obtain financial independence and was able to grow my company from two employees to 125. I also completed the Canadian Iron Man this past year, and finished a couple of other marathons. I was also able to improve my marriage significantly, and I think also improve my qualities as a father. I don’t ever come back from a coaching meeting without having two or three real golden nuggets that I can apply to my life that makes me that much better.”

—Dave A.

“Tommy has been a great inspiration to me. I’ve been in The 1% Club for a decade, and in that time I’ve learned to think at a higher level. Think Huge!”

—Matt L.

“Each time I meet with Tommy I take away something of value from both him and others around me. I have engaged my family and my company into the world of The 1% Club as well through speaking workshops, private sessions, and the Couples Planning Retreat. Christian principles and values are important to me as the foundation of my life, my family, and my businesses, and finding a mentor and friend who can help me through the challenges of life and keep me on the road to success that shares those same values is invaluable. Tommy Newberry has impacted my life in ways that I will never be able to repay, but from my family, my co-workers, and me, we day “Thank You” for following what God has called you to do, and for sharing your life with all of us!”

—Ginger H.

“I have used Tommy’s tools everyday in business and in life. His tried and true methods offer each individual involved the creative tools to become the best that they can be in each area of their life. You and The 1% Club offer tremendous value to your customers.”

—Tim P.

“Tommy, your wisdom, encouragement, advice, and methods all motivated me to seek Christ and I finally became a disciple — the most important thing in my life! Your success has blessed me and, by proxy, my wife, my children, my friends, and multiple others. Thank you for keeping me focused on what’s most important.”

—Palmer B.

“What I love about Tommy Newberry is his enthusiasm and love for life in its fullest form! We had not lived in Atlanta long before people started commenting how I would like Tommy Newberry, and that I should attend a Couples Planning Retreat. A few years went by before we actually attended, but all those people were absolutely right! I believe living life flat-out is the only option, and Tommy personifies that much better than I do. He has impacted my life by reminding me to not let go of my dreams, to take life by the horns and not look for reasons why thing won’t work, but why they will work! I am a planner and a scheduler, so of course, Tommy encourages me and teaches me. And I love how Tommy yearns for a better way of life for the people of this country and is not willing to sit idly by watching nothing happen. He makes things happen! And most of all, Tommy loves the Lord and knows and accepts Proverbs 16:9; “The heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Thanks, Tommy, for what you do and for doing it so well.”

—Linda G.

“Although you did not teach me to walk barefoot over a bed of burning coals, you gave me a much more valuable experience…the bag of tools that I have been looking for, the knowledge of how to use these tools in a very concise, practical, and logical framework, and the “accountability” factor. The bottom line I’ve learned from you is that whatever level of success that I desire can be achieved if I am willing to take the initiative and think critically about my future.”

—John M.

“I am truly grateful for the positive changes that have become integrated into my life through the help of your coaching and The 1% Club. The highest compliment that I can pay you is having encouraged some of my closest friends to be in The 1% Club. Your role certainly creates a huge impact on so many people’s lives and their families and I am thankful to be one of those people.”

—Bob P.

“I keep thinking about sitting one-2-one, talking about your methods and starting me focusing on my goals, but The 1% Club was where the magic really happened. My life experiences of business success, family relationships, spiritual growth, and physical wellbeing are all deeply rooted in lessons learned from you. I honestly believe the stepping stones started and maintained, beginning with your coaching and encouragement, have not only made a big difference in my life and my family, but I have also been able to use some of my God-given talents to help and nurture many, many people.”

—Chip G.

“Tommy has challenged me to think beyond my perceived capacity. The true benefit rests with the focus, incremental steps, and repetition that come from his program. I would not have accomplished what I have today without Tommy and The 1% Club.”

—Duncan G.

“The tools and inspiration you gave me helped me to improve in all facets of my life. It has amazed me how the focus you have given me has enabled me to live my dreams from yesteryear. I continue to enjoy the journey as I work towards the new goals I have put in place.”

—Frank L.

“Tommy and The 1% Club have given me the motivation and the structure to achieve goals that I otherwise would not have met. The act of achieving an important goal is hard but fun because you are working toward something that is meaningful in your life. I owe Tommy a great deal of thanks.”

—Fred S.

“Tommy has always been a rudder for me in my life and has provided a reality check and coaching around how to affect change when I seem to need it the most. What’s refreshing for me is that he leads by example, by doing it himself first and then teaching and coaching his learnings based on first hand examples of what works. Tommy is also a role model for me in that he keeps growing his content, programs, and himself personally and professionally and it stands as a reminder that you can achieve anything in life if you’ll commit and stay focused.”

—Jeff B.

“Tommy and The 1% Club have changed my life in so many ways. The 150 lifetime goals have changed how I look at things, and I literally plan accordingly to accomplish these goals! The Victory Wall was so important to me that we put one in our house for our kids and their accomplishments. I have had an accountability partner for over a decade, who I meet with once a week. The genius exercise was life changing for me, and my favorite thing in The 1% Club. Once I discovered my genius, I was able to change the way I work and eventually this led to me getting my second Chick-fil-A restaurant. I have far exceeded my income goals, and still do the Weekly Coach after a decade!”

—Jason B.

“Wow! What a difference a year makes. The way you are able to help me crystallize my thoughts, intensify my convictions, and organize my desires will pay great dividends for many years to come. I want to thank you for moving me positively forward in my life. I recommend your personal coaching system to anyone who will listen.”

—Walter B.

“Tommy and The 1% Club have impacted my life in many ways. Not only with helping me keep a balance in my life between family, business, spiritual, and physical goals, but also staying focused on what is important. The fantastic friendships that I have made over the past decade with other members has been the biggest added bonus of that program. Having also involved my younger brother and seeing him achieve great success has been rewarding as well.”

—Sharp G.

“Wow! What an experience. You have a gift of bringing the timeless principles of goal setting and life balance together in a simple format that can be readily followed and adjusted for each area of life. You helped show me how to get started and keep the plan working and how to begin building relationships that help me be more accountable to the plans and desires for my life…thank you for what you have done for my family, my spiritual life, and my relationships.”

—Shane B.

“I joined The 1% Club after I had been promoted to CEO of the USA operations for an international company. I was totally overwhelmed taking over with all divisions, including a startup, making losses. Tommy’s program gave me the tools and direction, not only to define what was important, but to then focus on only the important things. With the help of my accountability partners, I stayed the course. The first thing I did was start on a self-improvement and growth strategy, making use of many professionals who guided and coached me. The second thing I did was to hire a team, and within a year and a half, we turned the company around. I have always been a goal-oriented person, but the type that had New Year’s Resolutions fizzling out. Tommy’s program keeps me focused on my goals. Tommy’s program kept me scanning my life. Another lesson I learned was to choose my associations. So when my marriage ended, I was give the opportunity to focus on one of my most important areas of my life – my soul mate! I clearly defined the qualities and values that my soul mate would have and set out on a mission to find him. One of my mastermind associates offered to help me and the best piece of advice I received was, “What type of woman would you have to become to attract this man.” That’s how Tommy and The 1% Club have impacted my life.”

—Sally-Anne A.

“Tommy’s program gave me the structure and tools, and probably equally as important, the inspiration to commit to an in depth goal-setting exercise in all-important areas of my life. This process over a several year period led to greater clarity around what I wanted to accomplish and what I did not want to accomplish. As he so often says, clarity is everything and it has led to great dividends in my family, work, and spiritual life. This clarity has given me greater certainty about where and with whom I want to spend my time and what I want to accomplish – essential to a rewarding and happy life and fulfilling the role God has planned for me.”

—Mark R.

The 1% Club gives the ability to focus in a way that has transformed my life, both on the business side and on the personal side. I’m 17 years into the process and still benefitting and growing tremendously.”

—Mark K.

“To state that Tommy saved my life would be an overstatement, but to state that Tommy dramatically and tangibly impacted my life, the lives of my kids, the strength of my marriage, and the values upon which I live, would be right on. I’ve been working with Tommy in The 1% Club for almost 15 years; he’s led leadership training for my company and his marriage retreats have impacted the quality of my marriage and those of our extended family for more than a decade. I consider him not only my coach and mentor, but also a dear friend.”

—Mark S.

“I got into The 1% Club because I was trying to catch my life, before it got out of control. I think that if not for Tommy’s coaching, if I was to continue down the road I was going, it probably would have taken about 10 years off my life. Not said by me. Said by my doctor.

—Horace A.

"We’ve seen similar success in our business because at the time I started The 1% Club, we’d barely done one million dollars in revenue. And this year we expect to do more than nine.”

—Frank B.

“At the time, I was 30 years old and had a new child, had a booming business, and I was afraid that I was going to fall into the rut that I see so many people fall into that said, “I’m going to be exceptional at work but my family’s going to have to suffer for that. And I was unwilling to accept that. I really believed that I could be an exceptional husband, an exceptional father, and an exceptional business person. I just didn’t have the tools to do that myself. But The 1% Club coaching bridged that gap for me.”

—Jeff V.

“I just wanted to write and tell you how significant my participation in The 1% Club has been to me and my family. I guess the most significant thing that comes to mind is the sense that I had it all figured out prior to starting my participation in The 1% Club. The 1% Club has been a tremendous catalyst in a life change that I have experienced in the last 3 years. By focusing on leveraging my strengths and setting truly worthy goals, in all areas of my life, I realized the significant disparity between my actions and my potential. I would recommend The 1% Club to anyone who has reached that point in their life when career success is not enough or they just realize that there is more out there.”

—Randy W.

“I just wanted to let you know how valuable The 1% Club has been to me both personally and professionally. Your program provides a great “launching pad” for helping anyone realize their dreams. I am most excited about the amount of time I actually spend with my family versus before I started the program. I have met so many new friends with similar ambition levels. You have a great program that I would recommend to anyone that wants to achieve HUGE goals.”

—Bob W.

The 1% Club has given me a framework to lead a lively, inspired life. The program first helped me focus in on my own vocation – not my job or career, but a true life’s vocation. The most dramatic effect of The 1% Club is getting more done in less time. Each 90 days, I set a goal to reduce the amount of hours I spend at work while raising my paycheck. The result has been phenomenal. It is as if I have found eight extra hours a week.”

—David H.

“I would have to say that Tommy Newberry was my favorite guest speaker. His demeanor alone would have kept me interested but his speech was fantastic as well. He was very interactive with the class, was super energetic so we didn’t get bored, and made us think about a concept so simple that we overlook everyday. I really enjoyed him.”

—Student, Georgia State University

“Thank you so much for your coaching and leadership! You hit a grand slam yesterday! Last night and this morning, the group was talking and sharing thoughts around their 30 year plan and how they could help each other. It was incredible!!!”

—Jeremy S.

“Phenomenal Job today Tommy! Our team was very impressed and left extremely energized to establish and exceed goals!”

— Chris W.

“An inspirational day of learning! A great road map to take into future. Incredible ideas to implement. Thank you for sharing.”

—Julie M.

“This program was awesome. Highly motivating and forward focused. The workbook was great as was the Portable Coach. I really liked the idea of taking time out of a day to focus on me and how I can make improvements in both my professional and personal life.”

—Lindsay M.

Achieving Optimal allowed me the opportunity to lay the necessary groundwork to be successful and stay driven. I feel rejuvenated after this insightful, motivating day. I would encourage anyone looking for that extra push of inspiration to check out these amazing speakers.”

—Kelli F.

“As a young woman (24) working in a men’s sports league, I am always looking for ways to stay motivated, inspired and educated. Today’s event did just that and I will walk away with more tools than I could have anticipated. The program is impactful and I look forward to the next! Thanks for everything.”

—Laura V.

“Great ideas to transition thoughts and plans into action!”

—Bob G.

“Tommy Newberry hit another one out of the park merging his planning lessons with Molly Fletcher and Tom Glavine. Our team will build on these lessons throughout the year to achieve optimal!”

—Johnny F.

“What an impactful message and memorable delivery! You made our group re-think leadership in a whole new way, especially with the X-Factor. I know it made a lasting impression and adjusted some mindsets in a very productive way. Thanks for investing in our group.”

—Ken A.

“My time with Tommy started with me having a general understanding of goal setting and the impact it can have on your life. What I didn’t understand was the enormous power goals can exert when harnessed properly. My life changed drastically in a short period of time by putting these principles to use. What time and reflection have taught me is that you better be ready for that change. It will rip open your life and strip away the unnecessary. An often unpleasant, but ultimately crucial task that must be completed if you are to live your life on your own terms. Be ready for it! It’s the only way to become who you really are. As Tommy reminded me on so many occasions, “It’s your life. What are you going to do with it?”

—John P.

“I have been an active member of The 1% Club and I don’t think I have ever missed a quarterly workshop. As a veteran of the Couples Planning Retreat, I am thrilled to be able to say that my wife Jennifer now shares in my passion for The 1% Club and all that it represents. It is truly a principled organization. I can never get enough of Tommy’s teachings as is evidenced by the fact that in addition to sitting through sessions every quarter, I have sought him out additionally and heard him speak at our church to couples and then again to a Christian men’s group; his teachings are timeless and I never get tired of his message or delivery. I was honored to be a part of one of Tommy’s mastermind groups and also a part of the team that helped promote his book, The 4:8 Principle, to the point of New York Times Best Seller status. The true success of his program in my life is that there are certain habits, thoughts and actions I now have that have been engrained through my exposure to Tommy and his teachings; I am proud to say they are now just a natural, automatic part of my life. Tommy is truly not only my life coach, but also my lifelong coach!”

—Mike I.

“Your impact on my life is hard to summarize. Hearing your insights, using your tools, and learning more about how God has wired me really freed me up to pursue His plans for my life. Not surprisingly, I soon departed on the journey with North Point Ministries, which has been an amazing ride. I am grateful for your impact, friendship, and for the fact that you were courageous enough to pursue God’s plans for your life. In turn, He has used you to inspire us to do the same.”

—Jeff H.

“Tommy Newberry has helped me to focus on and begin to achieve goals that I had made little progress on by myself for many years.”

—Walter D.

“I am amazed by some of the things that I have accomplished based on the principles of The 1% Club. At that same time, I am frustrated I didn’t apply the principles more consistently over time. The power of your programs shows in the incredible results people are able to achieve by consistently focusing their energy. The Victory Wall in your office is a testament to the positive effect you have had in so many lives.”

—Tyler E.

“I joined The 1% Club and was greeted by Tommy with an enthusiastic, “Congratulations!” as we now often greet each other. From that point forward, being lead by Tommy and encouraged by my 1% Club teammates, my life has been positively impacted in a number of ways. The most significant and important to me has been the growing relationship with my daughter. From an early age, just the two of us would spend time together on Saturday mornings while Mom slept in. The 30 Days to a Self Confident Child and other tools provided special times and more importantly they helped to build a very special young woman. Tommy’s stories of his bedtime routines with his sons helped me to plant seeds with my daughter that today can be seen in the fruit of her young life. “Actions have consequences. Good actions have good consequences and bad actions have bad consequences.” “You are a wonderful beautiful child of God.” Thanks for your leadership, encouragement, and accountability, Tommy! Iron Sharpens Iron!”

—Clay G.

“Tommy, thank you so much for how you have helped me achieve my personal and business goals over the years. There is no way I could have done it without The 1% Club!

—Emery E.

“Tommy’s coaching has impacted all areas of my life in a positive way. He has challenged my thinking in ways that have led me to approach life goals with a more productive plan. Through his effective 1% Club workshops, my entrepreneurial passion has been stirred thus resulting in bottom line growth for my business. Tommy has a great understanding of the way business should be in today’s world. I love and admire his passion for our country and for doing what is right. He is a great communicator and his lessons are always tangible and relevant to both my personal and professional life. More importantly, he has impacted my personal and spiritual life. He has taught me how to keep the passion in my marriage and how to keep my wife and children my top priority. I am a better husband and father thanks to The 1% Club principles. My family even notices that I am more attentive, patient, and available to their needs. In addition to being my coach he has become a great encourager and friend. He is supportive and always makes me feel respected. He has affected my personal and business relationships in many ways. Anyone who is looking to take their business or personal life to the next level, I can assure you the journey will be exciting with Tommy at your side.”

—Joel B.

“When I first met Tommy Newberry, I had confidence and aspirations, but few accomplishments. With Tommy’s help I turned aspirations into concrete goals. With Tommy’s help, I clarified those goals and developed measurable strategies to accomplish each one. Today, I have exceeded all of my own expectations. Many would say it is time to quit The 1% Club and move on, but I know that we are just getting started!”

—Jim W.

“I have been greatly impacted by Tommy and his programs since I first became involved with The 1% Club. The principles that I learned in the first one-2-one meeting hold true today, and I think are largely responsible for the personal and business success that I have been blessed with during that time. Tommy not only helped me to realize the importance of balance in all areas of my life, but he also became a trusted friend and advisor. In addition to learning to set goals and achieve more than I had ever really thought possible, the friendships and close bonds made with so many other like-minded members has been a huge positive in my life. I also believe that my involvement with Tommy and his programs greatly helped as we raised our girls, and was one of the main reasons that we enjoy such a close family today! I am proud to tell anyone about my experiences with The 1% Club, and how much Tommy has meant to me and my family.”

—Kyle J.

“I am writing to thank you for the positive impact that you’ve had on my life. Your program provides the tools, the encouragement, and the accountability to do this. I believe it contains key elements that prepare successful people to become even more successful – to continually reach new levels.”

—Richard C.

“What I saw from The 1% Club and your one-2-one sessions was good, consistent, inspired coaching. The combination of proven curriculum and pure benchmarking and your enthusiasm for excellence and results was hard to beat and certainly improved my batting average…you have made the journey more interesting, challenging, and fun and I appreciate your commitment to making a difference. Your contributions are exponential.”

—Rawson H.

“I am certain that I would not have had the guts to start my own business had I not participated in The 1% Club and your coaching. I am now the majority owner of a great business that is a great place to work. My overall quality of life is so much higher now that I think and plan for that each day.”

—Will U.

“I met Tommy when I entered into his 3-year coaching program for executives and entrepreneurs. It was his intensive program, with its focus on maximizing your God-given potential, that truly defined how I would approach my career, my family life, a sense of stewardship, and my faith for the years ahead. From the early days, one could easily see Tommy’s passion for helping others and doing so with purpose. I never saw him simply “check the box” in anything that he did. Instead, he delivered timeless principles with creativity and excellence, and his insightful coaching style made his events both thought provoking and enjoyable. To state that Tommy saved my life would be an overstatement, but to state that Tommy dramatically and tangibly impacted my life, the lives of my kids, the strength of my marriage, and the values upon which I live, would be right on. I’ve been working with Tommy in The 1% Club for more than a decade; he’s led leadership training for my company and taught stewardship principles for our President’s Club; his Couples Planning Retreats have impacted the quality of my marriage and those of our extended family and I’ve had the privilege of workin in a mastermind group with him and others on leaving a bold legacy. To that end, I consider Tommy not only a coach and mentor, but also a dear friend.”

—Mark S.


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