Take the Driver’s Seat

Take The Driver's Seat - Tommy Newberry The 4:8 Principle

When you find yourself emotionally low, you can be pretty sure that you’ve been dwelling on the not-so-good stuff. In this low state, your mind plays tricks on you. If you’re trying to implement the 4:8 Principle, it is important to start noticing your emotions and how they spiral quickly upward or downward. This increased […]

Decisions of Biblical Proportions

Decisions of Biblical Proportions - Tommy Newberry

The longer you have been led by your feelings, the harder it will be to establish reason as the basis for future decision making. Our culture celebrates empathy, enabling, and emotion-driven morality. Succinctly put, I’m told that if it feels right in my heart, then I should do it. Yet it is through our feelings […]

Gratitude Makes for a Great Attitude

Gratitude Makes for a Great Attitude - Tommy Newberry

Gratitude is a conviction, a practice, and a discipline. It’s an essential nutrient, a kind of spiritual amino acid for human growth, creativity, and joy. Gratitude involves channeling your energy and attention toward what is present and working rather than toward what’s absent and ineffective. And gratitude can be cultivated at ever-deepening levels. In the […]

Apple Seeds Don’t Produce Oranges

Tommy Newberry - Seeds Growth

Our thoughts, like our actions, have consequences. As relentlessly as you may try, you cannot think one thing and experience something else. You cannot think critically about your spouse, even if you believe it is warranted, and reap true intimacy. You cannot think negatively and live positively any more than you can plant apple seeds […]

Growth from Joy

Growth from Joy - Tommy Newberry

Joy is the irrepressible and contagious fruit of divinely inspired growth. It arises from a deeply entrenched, unshakable belief, the result of sustained right thinking and dwelling on those things that are lovely, admirable, pure, and worthy of praise. Joy is an outward sign of inward faith in God’s promises. It is a way of […]