Consistent Joy is Contagious

Joy Filled Couple

Joy is a state of mind that must be purposely cultivated if you are to live and love and influence others as God intended. Fortunately, joy does not depend on the outer conditions of your material life, but rather on the inner condition of your mental life. Joy is the result of something strikingly simple, […]

A Note to My High School Senior


Dear Ty, Early in my business career, one of my mentors shared with me two very important words.  These words were, everything counts! I didn’t fully appreciate what it meant at the time, but looking back, I view these two words as some of the best advice I’ve ever received. I love the bluntness of this […]

Did you know that today is 4:8 Day?


Of course, April 8th isn’t just any other day. Thanks to the calendar, it’s a fun opportunity to double check your thought life and make sure you are emphasizing and highlighting the best aspects of your life such as your LOVED ONES, STRENGTHS, OPPORTUNITIES, ACCOMPLISHMENTS and FREEDOMS, FRIENDSHIPS and FAITH and the multitude of other […]

THINK 4:8 – Focus on the Good Stuff!


I have something special to share with you today… something that I believe may be one of the greatest opportunities we have to make a positive impact on our future. Let me start by simply asking you this question… If there was an easy way that you could help teenagers build strong, positive minds and […]