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Make this year’s celebration of independence significant

We can enjoy our friends and family, the fireworks, the food, and all the summertime trimmings, AND STILL REMEMBER the reason for the party. This 4th of July, I encourage you to pause and reflect on the blessing of freedom and independence. Renew Your Commitment This is a great time of year to … [Read More...]

Police Funeral

National Police Week – Let’s 4:8 The Police!

Life is a mixture of good and bad. This dynamic extends to every corner of our experience here on earth. There are no exceptions. While we have hundreds of problems, we also have millions of blessings. Marriage is good and bad. Parenting is good and bad. Business is good and bad. Our nation is good … [Read More...]


Ad Joy

The Advantage of Joy

Did you know that some form of the word "Joy" is used over 210 times in the Bible? From my career of coaching successful leaders that includes extensive research, it has become clear that God wants you to experience rich, meaningful joy today and throughout your life. Choosing Joy The best place to find joy is in God's love and promises. As … [Read More...]

Divide did Conquer

Divide did Conquer

One of the quietest mergers in 2014 was Google acquiring start-up company, Divide, in May. What began as a complicated hardware partnership became a highly sought-after software app that separates work and personal applications on your smartphone. The result: $120 million merger where everyone in the company kept their jobs and the product … [Read More...]


Focus on page

Driven to Success: Five Tips for Staying Focused

With all the amazing improvements technology has afforded modern society, the biggest detriment is distraction. While you may have laughed at Dori in “Finding Nemo" for her short attention span, you might not be far from that place yourself. Distraction is Expensive A study by Basex in 2009 noted … [Read More...]

Big Goals Big Results

BIG Goals Inspire BIG Results

Every generation has dreams. Big or small. Generational or personal. With each passing generation, we are enjoying more freedom and more opportunities than before. Or are we? The Baby Boomers took it upon their generation to see racial and gender equality move closer to reality while achieving … [Read More...]